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For Donors

Help to Build and Strengthen Your Community

Durham Community Foundation depends on the support of many individuals … Individuals who want to give something back to their community and forever continue to make a difference. When you establish your own fund or support an existing Durham Community Foundation fund, your gift will give year after year, because your donation is invested as a permanent endowment and is managed professionally. Investment earnings are awarded as grants to charities in our community, as determined by the guidelines you establish for your fund. As you add additional contributions, it continues to grow and have even greater impact in the community.

Benefits of donating to Durham Community Foundation

Permanence. Your gift becomes part of a permanent endowment fund that will give to the community forever.
Simplicity. A single gift can address a wide range of interests and charities.
Flexibility. Your gift can be structured to achieve your charitable and financial planning goals.
Relevance. Durham Community Foundation works with local organizations to identify current needs in the community to ensure grants are always relevant.
Fiscal Responsibility. The funds are professionally managed to ensure good return at minimal cost.
Accountability. Community leaders serve on the volunteer Board of Directors, which oversees the activities of Durham Community Foundation.
Tax Advantages. Your gift results in tax savings for you or your estate.
Recognition. You can be recognized as a donor or remain anonymous. It’s up to you.