Deohaeko Support Network: Innovation in Building a Strong Community for Members with a Disability

Deohaeko Support Network Fund is one of the 40+ endowed funds within Durham Community Foundation.
In addition to their endowment fund, Deohaeko Support Network has urgent day-to-day operating needs and is currently seeking donations.
As a registered charity,  Deohaeko Support Network is a family-governed approach to building strong community for and with their family members who have a disability and the rest of the community.  Their story is about the capacity of families and their surrounding community to ensure their sons and daughters might live good, full, and contributing lives at the heart of their co-operative and larger community.  (Learn more)
Make a difference today to these young people by making a tax-receiptable donation directly to Deohaeko Support Network:
By mail:  Deohaeko Support Network, Rougemount Co-operative, 400 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON  L1V 6S1