Durham Community Foundation Community Grants

Applications are now closed.

Key Questions

Are you a registered charity?

As per our policy, grants are to support projects and programs of registered charities that qualify as charitable organizations under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines and directly benefit the citizens of the Community Foundation’s geographic area of interest, specifically within the Region of Durham.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

If you are a nonprofit organization you may partner with a registered charity in order to apply for funding. The application must be submitted by the registered charity.

Have You Submitted Your Final Report?

If you have received a grant from Durham Community Foundation you must have completed and submitted a Final Report before this, and any future funding applications will be considered.

Financial Statements

As part of our due diligence, we require a copy of your most recent financial statements, no exceptions.

Our Grant Policy

Durham Community Foundation recognizes that a vibrant and healthy community can only be built through collaborative efforts, innovative partnerships and a firm commitment to create opportunities for all citizens to enhance the quality of their lives and/or those of their family, friends and neighbours. Granting builds upon the strengths and responds to the needs of our community. It is the most visible aspect of Durham Community Foundation’s work. To effectively fulfill its philanthropic responsibilities within the limits of its resources, Durham Community Foundation’s community grants program relies on the following guidelines

Important Dates:

July 31st, 2022

Deadline for application.

Don’t forget to also submit your financial statements!

November 30th, 2022

Notification of decision by email

Please Note:

  • Only complete applications submitted via our online application portal will be reviewed.
  • You must include your most recent financial statements with your application to be considered.
  • All submitted materials become the property of Durham Community Foundation.
  • Final decision on all grants rest with the Board of Directors.  Access to its decisions is restricted.
  • If a grant is awarded there is an expectation that you will participate in our initiatives including #DurhamGivesBack on GivingTuesday, Philanthropy Forum, and Walk for YOUR Cause.
  • If a grant is awarded there is an expectation that you will publicly acknowledge our grant through your annual report, newsletter, and social media channels
  • If a grant is awarded, you will be required to complete a Final Report within six weeks of the completion date of the project.

Please Note

Please ensure you have the following financial information:
Total Revenue from T3010 Line 4700 (Most Recent Year Filed)
Total Expenses from T3010 Line 4950 (Most Recent Year Filed)
Total Revenue (Current Year Projected)
Total Expenses (Current Year Projected)
Percentage of operating annual budget funded by (Governments, Foundations, United Way, Individuals, Corporations, Special Events, Other)

The application is multiple sections, please allow adequate time to complete the application.

We recommend reading through the fields in each part before starting to ensure you have all the required information before beginning the application.

Application will autosave to your device (local storage required for this feature, if local storage is cleared or disabled on your device the form progress will not autosave).

Applications are now closed.