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Jim Flaherty Endowment Fund

Honouring Jim Flaherty’s Legacy

Jim FlahertyJim Flaherty’s commitment to our community and country was profound.
Durham Community Foundation is privileged to honour his legacy by establishing a permanent endowment fund that benefits current and future generations throughout the Region of Durham.
Our St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon, raised $20,000 for the Jim Flaherty Endowment Fund. Within a year we hope to build the fund to $100,000. Over the next 25 years this investment of $100,000, which remains intact, will produce a total of $141,204 in grants, the fund will be worth $222,729 and the annual grant in year 25 will be $8,078.
That’s the real power of an endowment fund.
You can make a contribution to the fund at any time through Canada Helps , be sure to designate your donation to the Jim Flaherty Endowment Fund.
Decisions with respect to granting priorities in the region will be reviewed annually by Christine Elliott and her sons.
Our Grants Committee will evaluate and determine the successful charity recipient on an annual basis.
Currently, the Foundation has granting priorities in the following areas:
Arts and Culture
Fostering and supporting the growth and further development of arts and cultural activities.
Capacity Building
Establishing strong base for community service, developing or enhancing organizational strategy, or building capacity in our non-profit sector, charitable sector and community.
Enhancing the quality and accessibility of lifelong learning and educational opportunities for all ages.
Supporting and encouraging appreciation and understanding of the environment, and resolving or preventing environmental issues.
Food and Shelter
Emerging priority based on discussions with the Region of Durham.
Promoting and advancing the physical and mental well-being of individuals and families.
Social Development
Creating caring, safe and supportive environments for healthy social development of families and a variety of community-based groups.
Youth Development
To support the healthy growth and development of young people.