Like many Canadians I’ve served my community as a volunteer and donor in more ways than I can remember and if you were to make a list of all of the projects and organizations you’ve helped you’d be astounded!  I’ve just helped organize a Quilt Marathon at Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge to benefit Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre in Oshawa. Quilters from across Durham Region and York Region participated as quilters and gathered pledges from friends and family from across the country. We also brought in over 150 auction prizes from local businesses. We raised over $35,000 and had a lot of fun doing it. I also serve on the Marketing Committee of Durham Community Foundation after serving six years on the Board and I’m a monthly donor as part of the Community Builders program. I I find it inspiring and satisfying to look back at the donations I’ve made and the projects I’ve worked on in my 21 years here in Durham – from school community councils to managing Destination Imagination teams to sponsoring everyone I know when they do something that supports one of their passions. Take a look back at what you’ve done!

Durham Community Foundation can help you plan a gift that will have you continue your support in your name long after your days of volunteering.

Your pre-planning allows you, family and friends to support organizations and programs of your choice.  If you have a particular interest in a health issue, a geographic area, a scholarship, or even a very specific charity, a fund can be created, providing you with the opportunity to continue giving to your favourite charity or organization.

Marion Meyers, March 2013