As a leader in the charitable sector, how are your stress levels during these unprecedented times of Covid-19? Are you feeling optimistic? Is decision-making more difficult than it used to be? Are you experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches, tension, or cravings? 

Our charitable sector helps to define the well-being of the Region of Durham. Leaders have unique stressors. They are often expected to deliver big results with fewer resources than other sectors, which can lead to high stakes pressure, self-criticism, and feeling “stuck”.

For leaders to lead during times of crisis, they need mental AND emotional strength. Emotional regulation often precedes good decision-making and executive functioning. We can learn the skills and language of emotional regulation as a strategic enabler of leadership.

Our first group therapy program for charity executives called Bridging to Resilience: Mental Wellness for Charity Leaders During Covid-19 supported 20 Executive Directors in our region.

Thanks to the support of Bell, we are able to offer a new series for leaders in our community.



  1. Identify triggers that limit functionality during stressful times. 
  2. Understand how identifying and regulating emotions can be a strategic advantage.
  3. Learn emotional resilience skills to cope during stressful times.
  4. Connect with others facing similar concerns.
  5. Learn how to engage the body to support mental and emotional well-being.

The group facilitator is Valerie Campbell, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and charitable sector consultant and executive, who is well known among our Durham charitable community.

Participation is limited, so please sign up now to reserve your spot. Registrants will receive a questionnaire inviting them to identify their most pressing concerns and interests.

Thank you! We look forward to crossing the bridge to resilience together!

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About the Facilitator: Valerie Campbell

Valerie Campbell
Valerie Campbell

Valerie Campbell is a licensed Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) as well as a seasoned fundraiser, strategist, and consultant in the charitable sector. She has served in CEO and VP roles and held many board positions, including her current role as Secretary and Chair of Governance for the Institute of Natural Medicine in Seattle, Washington. In her psychotherapy practice, Val has extensive experience working with individuals who experience self-pressure, a self-critical voice, a sense of guilt or shame, or find security through seeking achievement or perfection. She works with those who have experienced trauma, are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress-burnout-workaholism, career challenges, anger management, self-esteem, life transitions, grief and loss, and feeling “stuck” in life. Val enjoys working with leaders in the charitable and business sectors and helping them to address their unique pressures. Her management background gives her a special understanding of these demands and her education, training, and experience in psychotherapy informs how she helps clients to learn core skills in personal resiliency and self-acceptance. Val helps leaders to utilize their emotional awareness strategically for career and personal success and greater life fulfillment.


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