Ways to Give

Understanding endowments

At Durham Community Foundation (DCF), you have the opportunity to contribute to your community by donating to an existing fund or creating a new one tailored to your interests.

Whether you seek the simplicity of joining an established fund or the personal connection of starting your own, DCF offers expert guidance to help you make a meaningful impact. We are always available to assist and answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us today to explore the best option for your philanthropic journey and contributions in the Durham community.

Contributing to existing endowment funds

There are various fund options that offer unique ways to support community causes. Your gift is invested over time with earnings from your fund used to make grants that address community needs. Your gift, and all future earnings from your gift, is a permanent source of community capital, helping do good work today and in the future. Your investment can also benefit from the Foundation’s expertise in community leadership and investment management.

Types of existing endowment funds

  • Unrestricted Funds: Flexible funds addressing a wide range of community needs.
  • Field of Interest Funds: Targeted giving to specific community areas like arts, health, or education.
  • Designated Funds: Direct support to specific charities or causes.
  • Donor Advised Funds: Donors have active involvement in fund allocation.
  • Agency Endowment Funds: For charities managing or starting their own endowment funds.
  • Named Funds: Established by individuals or groups for specific charitable interests or to honour someone.
  • Future Fund: For bequests left in wills, allowing for lifetime amendments by donors.
  • Community Builder: Supports administrative costs, aiding the Foundation's endowment building and grant disbursement efforts.

Existing endowment fund benefits

  • Varied Focus: The Foundation has numerous funds focusing on different areas like education, healthcare, arts, and more.
  • Flexible Contributions: Choose to contribute to any fund that matches your values.
  • Enhanced Community Impact: Your contribution helps expand the fund’s reach and effectiveness.
  • Ease of Giving: Simple process, no need to establish a new fund.

Creating your own endowment fund

  • Initial Contribution: Start with as little as $5,000.
  • Personalization: Name the fund for yourself, family, company, or in memory of a loved one.
  • Growth through Investment: Durham Community Foundation collaborates with Toronto Foundation to grow your fund.
  • Ongoing Contributions: You and others can continually contribute to the fund.
  • Tax Benefits: All contributions are eligible for tax receipts.
  • Annual Impact: A portion of your fund’s income is used yearly for grants or scholarships in areas you care about.

Additional giving options and benefits

Outright Gift

  • What You Can Give: Cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets.
  • Benefits: Your gift qualifies for maximum charitable benefits under federal law.

Appreciated Securities

  • How It Works: Donate appreciated securities to eliminate capital gains tax.
  • Immediate Benefit: Receive an immediate tax receipt for the market value of the securities.


  • Estate Planning: Designate a meaningful gift or a portion of your estate to the Foundation.
  • Tax Advantages: Potentially receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Life Insurance

  • Estate Tax Reduction: Designate the Foundation to receive all or part of your life insurance proceeds, reducing estate taxes.
  • Policy Transfer: Transfer the policy to the Foundation's name and get an immediate tax receipt for its cash surrender value.

Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Establishing the Trust: Place cash or property in a trust that pays you (or another beneficiary) annual income for life.
  • Posthumous Giving: After your death, the trust's remainder is transferred to Durham Community Foundation and placed in a charitable fund of your choice.
  • Tax Benefits: Receive income tax benefits in the year you establish your trust.

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