Durham Community Foundation has been working with advisors since 1994 to create customized charitable gift plans that both realize their clients’ charitable wishes and meet the needs of the community.

We understand the vital role professional advisors can play in identifying creative solutions to help clients realize philanthropic goals while maximizing tax benefits.

Your clients can establish endowment funds that will benefit the community in perpetuity and we can facilitate gifts in-kind of securities. By partnering with the Foundation, you may be able to help your clients reduce taxes, increase their heirs’ inheritance, create a legacy in their community which will support causes they care about, and help them teach their children and grandchildren the value of philanthropy on a personal and community level.

Benefits of working with Us

You remain the trusted advisor for your client’s philanthropic goals

We’re here to help you provide current information on philanthropic options and we are a single point of contact for philanthropic questions or conversations.

Your clients can donate a variety of assets

We accept and issue charitable donation receipts for a wide variety of assets, including cash, securities, insurance, or real property either as current gifts or as part of an estate plan. We can also facilitate donations to other charitable organizations that do not have the infrastructure or experience to receive donations of securities in-kind.

We will provide you and your clients with charitable giving expertise

Serving our community for over two decades, we provide a valuable service to your clients. We offer truly flexible options to suit your clients’ giving, the benefits of pooled investing, and whatever level of anonymity or recognition is preferred.

We are your single point of contact to access community knowledge

As a direct result of our community research and granting process, we are aware of both the critical and emerging needs in the Region of Durham and surrounding area. This allows you to help your clients make the most effective choices for community support.

Charitable giving is a proven way for your clients to connect across generations

When you help families create a Donor Advised Fund, you can stay involved with the family for generations.

Donor Advised Funds

If your client would like to start a permanent fund for the benefit of a particular charity or cause, they can do so through Durham Community Foundation. These are often funded through an estate bequest as part of an overall estate plan. This allows your client to have peace of mind knowing that a cause that is important to them will be funded in perpetuity. There are no costs to setting up a Donor Advised Fund through the Community Foundation, and your client or their delegate will receive an annual Fund Statement detailing the performance of the fund and the amount that is available for granting.

How it works:

• Your client identifies a particular need in our community that they would like to address into the future. They can also choose a specific charity that they would like to donate to in perpetuity, or direct granting on an annual basis.

• Your client then donates a capital amount for this purpose either now or through their estate ($5,000 minimum; the donation can be spread out over five years).

• The funds are managed by the Community Foundation in a master fund.

• Income from the fund generates money for granting each year. The annual granting amount is determined by the Foundation’s spending formula, based on a 4-year average return, with a minimum granting of 3.5%.

Donating Appreciated Securities

If your client wants to set up a fund or make a donation to a particular cause or charity and has appreciated securities, the donation can be facilitated through the Foundation. By donating appreciated securities, your client will not pay tax on the capital gain and will receive a tax receipt for the market value of the securities.

How it works:

• Your client originates the donation of appreciated securities with you in either certificate form or electronically from their custodial account.

• Securities are received and sold by the Foundation.

• Funds are then directed to the fund or charity of their choice and we issue the receipts

We’re Here for You!

We invite you to get in touch with us to explore how we can assist you in helping your clients.

We welcome you to contact our Executive Director, Vivian Curl at 905-430-6507 or by email

For additional resources, including ideas on how to start the charitable giving discussion with your clients, visit Community Foundations of Canada’s Professional Advisors eResource.

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