building community through investments, leadership, and philanthropy


At Durham Community Foundation (DCF) we build community through investments, leadership, and philanthropy.



We work closely with our donors, including local government, businesses, families, and individuals. We help them formulate and realize their philanthropic goals by matching their giving priorities with community needs and opportunities.

Gifts and bequests are accumulated in a permanent endowment fund managed by a highly skilled team of professionals. Investment income is allocated carefully and responsibly to charitable organizations committed to enhancing the quality of life throughout the Region of Durham.



We connect and collaborate – bringing people together to address community issues and encourage partnerships among charitable agencies.

We share expertise and knowledge – facilitating learning and networking opportunities for charities in the Region of Durham.

We provide tangible ways for charities to build capacity and raise funds for their organization.



We are a foundation for charities. Our grants support everything from shelter, sustenance and care for those most in need, to education, recreation, the arts, and the environment.

We have granted $1.6 Million to more than 100 charities, impacting thousands who live and work in the Region of Durham.

We believe in the power of giving, spearheading initiatives that inspire philanthropy throughout our region.


$ 3 Million

in permanent endowments helping charities right now and forever

$ 1.4 Million

granted to more than 100 charities in the Region of Durham since inception


established by a dedicated group of individuals who loved our community